Friday, March 26, 2010

Naughty Comic? Not quite.

TGIF. Seriously. ALMOST the best Friday ever, if I do say so myself. Roundup weekend = night time activities. I'm pretty stoked for how fast this school semester is going, but kinda sorta nervous at the same time. :P

Here, my friends, is a comic I was inspired to do after my roommates threw a passion party at our apartment. If you don't know what a "passion party" is, lemme explain. You call an adult toy company to send a representative (for free as long as there is a high chance of sale) to your house, and she showcases some of their most popular merchandise. If you see something you might like for you and the freaky times, you order it on the spot. Hostesses of such parties get special discounts, of course. You wouldn't believe some of the naughty stuff I caught sight of in the sample magazines they sent us after we booked a saleswoman. Yowza!

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  1. I loved this comic. Those last two panels are priceless.