Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Wow it's so late. Wow I'm so tired. Wow this dad here is real creepy...
I always seem to find myself with so much work to do, and no motivation to do it. Why?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Jesus, I wish I could be a super hero. Seriously yo. If I decided to fight crime, I would be about as useful as a HOBO MAN. Which. Could actually be pretty useful, so it seems. :P

No. Please no.

I enjoy a good "that's what she said", but c'mon, let's not be immature party downers. Use the joke wisely, or be doomed to being know as the asscrack of the group for the rest of your natural life.


Long weekend, but hilariously fun. Camping with friends is never a bad idea. Also, roundup week means lots and lots and lots of free "beverages" for ladies dressed as hoes. Thank you fraternities, for giving women a reason to lower their standards.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Going camping today, it's gunna be tiiiiight. Currently on a pretty intense job hunt.. Very intense job hunt... I need another job.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Two More Comics Wah??

Yeah I know, but now I just want to get my shit out there, y'know? I also hate it when complete strangers don't return my high fives.

Did anyone else participate in the facebook doppleganger week thing? I thought some were clever choosings, but others. Meh.

Naughty Comic? Not quite.

TGIF. Seriously. ALMOST the best Friday ever, if I do say so myself. Roundup weekend = night time activities. I'm pretty stoked for how fast this school semester is going, but kinda sorta nervous at the same time. :P

Here, my friends, is a comic I was inspired to do after my roommates threw a passion party at our apartment. If you don't know what a "passion party" is, lemme explain. You call an adult toy company to send a representative (for free as long as there is a high chance of sale) to your house, and she showcases some of their most popular merchandise. If you see something you might like for you and the freaky times, you order it on the spot. Hostesses of such parties get special discounts, of course. You wouldn't believe some of the naughty stuff I caught sight of in the sample magazines they sent us after we booked a saleswoman. Yowza!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeez lewiz I am so not wanting to write this friggin paper... So, I'm uploading a new comic for this blog. I figured I would only upload each day until my older archive ran dry, then posted as I finished the newer ones. But with this boredom and all- I'll just post another, and possibly another. Maybe... Maybe another after that. Depends.

So this one represents pretty much my freshman college career. You work hard, fail, then are reminded of your failure by some shit cocky cunt stain. Ugh. And if you happen to be one of those jerks, shame shame.

Well hello there blogspot.com! The purpose of this blog is to get my comics out there. And by "out there", I mean I want people to read and hopefully enjoy them. Here's to new beginnings, and getting your shit recognized by strangers!
So to start her off, here's comic number 1!
This comic is pretty much myself testing how far the Daily Texan (DT) editor will let me go with violence. It got published on the page, so I suppose it wasn't TOO riskAY. Anywayz, onwards to an English paper I have yet to start that is due tomorrow morning!